Friday, 11 March 2011

Saddleworth shoot

I'm off to Saddleworth this morning for another shoot. It's one of the trustees of the GMAVSG. All packed and ready. Just watched this video I was involved in roughly 5 years ago. The numbers of deaths is currently around 4,000 a year in the UK and rising year on year. Please watch it. Thank you.

I managed to get to Saddleworth despite my sat nav deciding not to speak to me. After the last 6 sessions I decided to try to keep it short, that didn't work, so four hours later I managed to convince the sat nav to guide me home. Just warming the chemicals now to process the film. Despite the best plans I am shooting tomorrow, Sunday and Monday as well. Wednesday I go to the group meeting to present the images shot  to date and to capture anyone feeling brave enough to take part.

Barbara Balmer
Forget me Knot

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