Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Forget Me Knot

My name is Barbara Balmer I am a photography student, image maker and member of The Greater Manchester Asbestos Victim Support Group (GMAVSG).

I am working towards a series of images that visualise the nether world that the bereaved and grieving inhabit. Performance, time lapse and multiplicity captured on film by a pinhole camera represent some of the emotional turmoil of having to live in the surreal world after the beauty and normality of daily life has been destroyed by asbestos.

I asked the women of the GMAVSG if they were given one last conversation with their loved one what would they want to tell them. The film was shot as the conversation carried on.

The images are work in progress and haven't been retouched or cleaned up yet, as soon as the images of the group members are signed off I will post them.

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