Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Emma's Update

I haven't blogged yet about my project, so I'll start with a brief intro.

My project focuses on teenagers in pursuit of 'something to do'. I have been following and photographing different groups for the past few months in a variety of locations. I have had my fair share of excitement from getting muddy in 'Maggie's Cave' to being chased by a security guard. "You only live once", was the encouragement one of the teens said while trying to persuade others to go into an abandoned hospital. 

I'm using an Olympus 35mm SLR with flash. My choice of film is transparency. I'm using this as it increases the contrast and the colours are more vibrant.

Below is one of my shots -

As well as documenting them and what they get up to on the streets, in parks or in each others houses I am also using video to produce 'moving portraits'.

I'm in the early process of getting them all to stand still in front of a black background alone for 2 minutes. This allows the viewer to study each teen and then make up their own opinion about them. Being in front of the black background alone isolates them and displays some vulnerability through feeling awkward or embarrassed. Also, when asked to answer a random question the teen gives the viewer a better understanding of their character. A picture captures the essence of the moment. A video captures the complete moment.

Below is a video still -

I'm still not 100% sure of the title but I do quite like 'Friday Night Flash'.

Thats it for now, will keep posting regulary for here on, Emma McKay.

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