Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Chris' re-start!

Following a tutorial session with Seba Kurtis, i decided to completely change my project. My trucks simply were not connected with myself enough - i did not have enough passion for them. Perfectly good commercial work but i don't have that connection and devotion needed for fine art work. Seba advised that i should plunge back into the urban explorer community and that is exactly what i did: taking the work i had done in my last project and pushing it that bit further and developing it.

I have spent the last two weeks out on the road travelling Britain and meeting more and more members of the 28dayslater.com community. I began these two weeks having a few vague connections with some of the more serious members, and ended the second week with a group explore to Denbigh mental asylum with a few of the legends and current members. Within these two weeks i have met fourteen new explorers, travelled 4,000 miles and spent roughly £700 on petrol. But it has been totally worth it, this project has investigated my own interests and helped me to dive headfirst into the community that i adore.

Here's some of the results i have come up with from doing it:

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