Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Ok so I have decided I need to put something on this blog, here goes.

I am taking images from in the ocean. I have always had a fear of the ocean but have always had a need to conquer that fear. I can swim - not well - but going under freaks me out. Having a camera has helped me overcome many fears in the past so I decided to try it in the ocean. Camera + housing in the Caribbean sea - well the British sea is a bit cold.

It gets addictive, you have no control over yourself or over the camera. I can't see what I'm taking, the waves pick me up and drop me then the next one goes over my head. You forget to panic when you're taking images, and yes it really is that colour.

It makes me think that these must be the last sights you see when you are drowning. 
Even in shallow water you are inconsequential, at the whim of the ocean.

Lynda Haney

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